Workers Compensation Premium Program

Workers Compensation Premium Program

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CompManagement is a leading provider of workers’ compensation solutions to over 25,000 employers in the state of Ohio.  We represent every industry classification and size, from large corporations to small family-owned businesses to over 1,800 public entities and the Department of Administrative Services for the state of Ohio. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio with additional service teams in Canton, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo, we are honored to be endorsed by more than 160 associations, chambers of commerce, governmental agencies and public sector organizations.

For over 30 years, we have taken care of our clients’ most important asset – their injured workers.  We ensure your organization garners the most premium savings possible as well as help to navigate the complexity of Ohio’s workers’ compensation system and advocate on your behalf.  At CompManagement, caring counts®!

Our Services

  • Claims Administration – Prompt claims investigation, careful evaluation and coordination of legal counsel, hearing representation, private investigation, case management and/or vocational experts to bring complex cases to timely resolution.
  • Program Consultation – Our industry leading experts review each client to ensure participation in programs that may garner the most premium savings.
  • Group Rating Program Administration – Programs administered by CompManagement have produced over $2 billion in savings since the inception of the program in 1991.
  • Group Retrospective Rating Program Administration – We administer programs for a variety of business segments such as cities, school districts, counties, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail and service. Over $115 million has been earned by participants since implementation in 2009.
  • Self-Insurance Program Administration – CompManagement in conjunction with our parent, Sedgwick, has the privilege of providing self-insurance program services to 1 out of every 5 Ohio self-insured employers.
  • Unemployment Compensation – Services in conjunction with our parent, Sedgwick, include program review and account management, hearing representation, tax management, training & education and claims administration.
  • Safety Services – A unique approach to developing a results-oriented risk, health and safety management program improving and resolving workplace issues effectively.
  • Education – A comprehensive program available online, via webinar or onsite at locations throughout Ohio.
  • Client Advocate – We are committed to advocating positive, constructive positions to bring creative solutions to the table. We tend to take a long-term view of circumstances and be the voice of reason. In as such, we engage in a cooperative effort with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) to achieve optimal results for clients as well as the Ohio workers’ compensation system.

As the workers’ compensation program administrator for the Ohio Salon Association, CompManagement provides not only industry leading premium savings & refunds, but also educational resources, personalized service and compliance safe guards to help the chamber’s members keep employees safe, while minimizing the risk for claims.

All employers in Ohio are encouraged to annually review their workers’ compensation program to ensure that they are garnering the most premium savings while keeping in mind their risk tolerance. A few tips that will help control your costs include:

  1. Review Your Options
    There are several alternative rating programs in Ohio for an employer to consider that offer savings on their annual premium either up-front or retrospectively. Some programs are also compatible with each other to allow an employer to “stack” the discounts together up to the maximum discount allowed. There are different eligibility requirements for each program but each has the goal to reward an employer for their focus on safety in the workplace and controlling claim frequency and severity.
  2. Utilize Cost Containment Strategies
    To mitigate claim costs, many employers opt to implement strategies such as a transitional duty program, salary continuation, handicap reimbursement and possibly settlement. By removing costs from your experience, you may be able to lower your annual premium rate that is calculated by the BWC thus reducing your annual spend.
  3. Look at Your Risks
    If your business is prone to common types of injuries such as slips and falls, repetitive motion or soft tissue injuries, several different safety programs can be implemented to reduce the frequency of occurrence. It is also important to review job duties that may lead to common injuries that can be avoided and/or prevented.

For more information about CompManagement, contact Rejeana Woolum-Napier at (614) 359-2403 or via email at [email protected].

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