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Associate Individual

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  • Any licensed or registered individual under the Ohio State Cosmetology and Barbering Board who is not a salon or barber shop owner.
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Associate Salon/Barber Shop

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  • Any licensed salon or barber shop in Ohio.
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Sponsoring Member

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  • Any salon owner or person working for on or behalf of a business organization that shares a common business interest with the salon industry in Ohio.
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  • Any business organization or individual that shares a common business interest with the salon industry in Ohio.
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Membership Benefits with Ohio Salon Association

Ohio Salon Association (OSA) membership provides you access to several cost-saving programs for you and your business as well as your employees who become individual OSA members.

For more information on any of these cost saving programs click on any link above.

Once you become a member you will receive a welcome e-mail to enroll in one or all of these cost savings programs!

Healthcare Benefits

Policies Start at $140.00 per month for single coverage and $315.00 for family!

PHCS PPO Network: Largest network in United States
Medical: 6 plan options
100% ACA Preventative Services covered at $0 Co-pay
Physician Visits
Hospitalization: In / Out Patient Care
Surgical Benefits
Deductible (ISA) coverage available: $2,500, $5,000, $6,350
In / Out Network options available (OneShare Complete)
RX: Claims over $1,200 will be rebated at 50% up to $3,000 annually
Telemedicine: No Co-pay, Unlimited use
Per occurrence benefits: $150,000, $250,000, $500,000
$1,000,000 Lifetime coverage protection
Life Insurance Included
Two effective dates: 1st / 15th available
Supplemental Health Benefits: Dental, Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, Medicare Supplements and Fixed Indemnity.


Policies Start at $113.44 per month for single coverage and $276.79 for family.

Not everyone is looking for an everyday health care benefit program nor can afford it. Some people are looking for a program  that focuses on the catastrophically high, devastating medical bills. OneShare  Health sharing community is here to help.

Emergency Services – $300 ER Visit Fee
Telemedicine – $0 Consult Fee, Available Immediately
Deductibles or (ISA): $5,000 / $10,000 Options
Diagnostic/X-Ray/Labs: 100% after deductible or ISA is met
In/Outpatient Surgery : 100% after deductible or ISA is met
Hospitalization: 100% after deductible or ISA is met
Maximum Limit Per Incident: $150,000 / $250,000 / $500,000 Options
Lifetime Sharing Maximum: $300,000 / $500,000 / $1,000,000 Options
Policies Start at $113.44 per month for single coverage and $276.79 for family!


Imagine getting sick, non emergency, what do you do? Traditionally you call the doctors office and schedule an appointment or go direct to a 24 clinic, take off work, fight traffic as you drive to their location, wait for hours, pay your deductible or co-pay or the entire bill if no coverage, then finally get your prescription medicines sent to your pharmacy. Sounds about right? How long does this process take?? The Healthiestyou program is easy: 1. Call the 24 hour physician hotline, 2. discuss your aliment. 3. get your qualified RX sent to your pharmacy of your choice. Healthiest has a 0 Deductible!

Best of all, it only costs $19.95 monthly, Dependents are FREE!*

Transamerica Life Insurance

Question:  How many people do you know that have declined for Life Insurance due to a pre-existing condition such as: Diabetes: I & II; Cancer; Heart Conditions; High Cholesterol or High BMI.

The $100,000 Guaranteed Issue (GI) Life Insurance through Transamerica Life is an incredible “elective” program that will provide life insurance (Final Expense) for those in need of coverage without the traditional disqualification health questions. Note, traditional guaranteed issue plans require a minimum enrollment / participation and limited life benefits: $10,000 -$25,000. That is until now.

Life Benefits Available:
Term / Universal Life
Guaranteed Issue max: $100,000: NO Health Questions
Max life available: $500,000: $101,000 + requires additional information / underwriting / MIB
Max age 75

NO Employer Contracts
NO Minimum Participation Requirement
NO Payroll Deduction Requirement: (All plans are employee direct pay)

[see attached National MGA Insurance Alliance brochure (page 13) for life insurance policy details]

Credit Card Processing Partner

You work hard for what you earn.  Now keep more of it in your pocket.
Low 2.65% for all card present transactions (compared to 2.75%)
Free processing credit on the first $1,000 in card sales

Workers’ Compensation Premiums

If you pay into the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) for workers’ compensation premiums, we have savings programs and cost containment strategies for you that are administered by our partner, CompManagement, and already a part of your member benefits with the Ohio Salon Association.

Services include:

  • Workers’ Compensation: Claims administration; cost containment solutions; hearing representation; program consultation; safety services; rate & underwriting services.
  • Unemployment Compensation: Claims administration and reporting; hearing representation; tax management.
  • Education & Training: A variety of topics offered onsite, online or via webinar.

Take the first step needed to reduce your annual premium when you click the button below to request a free, no-obligation quote for group rating or other alternative rating/premium discount programs through our organization and let CompManagement’s experts work for you!

Payroll Processing

All OSA members/franchisees receive:
25% discount off Paychex Payroll Processing Services pricing!
An additional 25% discount off Human Resource Services setup fees!
Free W-2’s for first year of new client!

VSP Vision Care Insurance

* NO Employer Contributions
* NO Payroll Deductions
* NO Minimum Enrollment Requirements
* NO SSN or ITIN Requirement
* NO Full Time Employment Status. Available to PT or 1099 Employees.

Dental (OHIO)

Features Included:
Routine and preventive dental care 100% covered (such as exams, cleanings, fluoride, and more.)
Basic Restorative services covered at 80% (X-Rays, fillings & extractions.)
Major Restorative Services covered at 50% (1 year wait for these services): oral surgery, inlays, onlays, veneers and more.
Deductible is $50 for Basic and Major Restorative Services
Careington Maximum Care Dental Network
Family coverage options

Business / Professional Services / Insurance Options

Hair Stylist Professional Liability Insurance is “Tax Deductible”!

Yes, as per the IRS, your employees & 1099 contractors that rent space can deduct job-related expenses like professional liability / general insurance premiums that are required for employment if not reimbursed by employer. 

Why Wait? Help Protect Your Stylists Now! Most Employers Require Hair Stylists to Carry Professional Liability Insurance. Are your employees and 1099 covered? OSA has a solution… “A” rated insurance coverage tailored for salon and spa professionals.

Elite Beauty Insurance offers coverage for over 350 beauty and wellness services for hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, estheticians, and more.

Elite Beauty Society Overview
Professional & General Liability:
– $3,000,000.00 Annual
– $2,000,000.00 Per Occurrence

Additional Benefits:
– Product Damage: $2,000,000.00
– Rental Damage: $100,000.00
– Stolen Equipment: $1,000.00
– Identity Theft

Collateral Free Loans

$10,000.00 – $1,000,000.00

In an effort to enhance our national clientele relationships, American Benefit Specialist (ABS) has partnered with David Allen Capital to provide access to working capital for its new and established clientele that otherwise go without due to the traditional banking limitations / restrictions; the three (3) C’s: Cash, Collateral and Credit.

Click below and discover how easy it will be to gain access to the uncollateralized capital traditional lenders wont or cannot provide small businesses like yours within 5 days: DAC Simple and Fast Business Loans

We work in the unique space of small and medium-sized businesses that need capital but, are unable to qualify or cannot wait for traditional lines to fund.  ABS works to get money for you while you remain focused on building your business and maimizing long term profits.

Loan Qualifications:
In business for at least 4 months
Business has at least $120,000 in annual sales: (Monthly revenue determines your loan qualification amount)
Business has at least 3 deposits monthly
No more than 3 NSF in banking relationship
500 minimum FICO score

Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

The Benefits of a PEO Can Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Expand your employee benefits without increasing costs.
Streamline your business administration without additional overhead
Convert variable costs into fixed costs i.e.. Unemployment
Improve employee service options. One of the many advantages of a PEO is assistance with…
Reduce employee turnover. Consistent and effective employee management plays a key role in…
Reduce employer risks / liabilities
Eliminate the clutter to focus on your business.

Nationwide® Pet Insurance

You’ve joined thousands of professionals who agree that offering Nationwide pet insurance is a great way to demonstrate how much you value your members’ families – right down to the four-legged ones.

Join the Ohio Salon Association

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